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Strategy, finance and growth are closely linked and either one affects the others immensely.
Although housing appears to be a very local business, with regional differences and national regulation – there are pan-European economic factors and trends.

The diversity of market situations in Europe comes with many differences but also similarities – and a lot to learn from your fellow housing associations’ managers in Europe.

I cordially invite you to become part of our first EFL Expertise Strategy, Finance and Growth Summit, which will be set in the picturesque surrounding of the port of Hamburg, Germany. I would be pleased to welcome you on this one-day conference, during which your fellow top managers from the UK, the Netherlands, Finland and Germany share parts of their expertise with you. There will be plenty of room for networking and before we enjoy our dinner, Tim Leberecht, author of the top- seller “The Business Romantic”, will have us bow to humanistic values in times of digitization.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Mathias Hain
Managing Director
EFL Expertise BV


Lord Andrew Adonis PC
Lord Andrew Adonis PC
Former Blair cabinet member, author and chairman of a cross-party think tank


Both as advisor and then minister, Andrew Adonis was a key architect of Tony Blair’s public service reforms in education, health, local government, policing and transport. He has deep experience of the challenge of leadership, change management and policy implementation in complex organisations. Lord Adonis is author of books on parliamentary reform, the class system and the infamous poll tax. After leaving the Cabinet he became Chairman of a cross-party think tank, working on ways to improve the effectiveness of government.

Markus Terboven
Markus Terboven
CFO, Gewobag Wohnungsbau-Aktiengesellschaft Berlin



Markus Terboven became CFO of Gewobag in 2008. With strategic development being one of his main responsibilities, he has chosen an innovative way for realizing Gewobag’s path of growth, which is unique in Germany. Gewobag Wohnungsbau-Aktiengesellschaft Berlin owns and manages 60,500 dwellings and 1,700 commercial units in Berlin with 625 employees. One of Germany’s largest housing associations is aiming at further growth of 13,000 units within the next few years.


Ber Bosveld
Ber Bosveld
CFO and member of the board of Woningstichting Ymere


Ber Bosveld is CFO and member of the board of Ymere since 2000. He has extensive experience in the housing sector. Ymere is a housing association and offers good and affordable housing for people with modest incomes in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Ymere owns and manages 80,000 dwellings and 10,000 commercial units with 900 employees.

Ruth Cooke
Ruth Cooke
CEO at Group Chief Executive Officer and Director of Clarion Housing Group Limited

After having been CEO of Midland Heart Limited, Ruth Cooke has been the Group Chief Executive Officer and Director of Clarion Housing Group Limited since April 6, 2018. She has extensive experience in the housing and not-for-profit sec- tor. Clarion Housing Group comprises of England’s largest housing association, Clarion Housing, with 125,000 homes nationwide. Clarion are also a leading developer, with an aim to build 50,000 homes over ten years and a business for social purpose, with their charitable foundation Clarion Futures.

Juha Kaakinen
Juha Kaakinen
CEO at Y-Foundation

Juha Kaakinen is CEO at Y-Säätiö, Finland’s fourth largest landlord that owns and manages over 16,650 apartments. Y-Foundation, being one of the key national developers of the Housing First principle in Finland, offers affordable rental housing and encourages public discussion on themes related to homelessness.

Tim Leberecht
Tim Leberecht
Author of the international bestseller “The Business Romantic”

Tim Leberecht, author of the international bestseller “The Business Romantic”, is an entrepreneur and one of the most passionate and perceptive masterminds for a new humanism in business and society in relation to digitization, automation and AI. Tim is also the founder of the Business Romantic Society, which assists organizations in strategic transformations and designing human cultures. From 2011 until 2016 he was member of World Economic Forum’s Values Councils and currently is member of their Europe Policy Group.


Cathy Smith
Cathy Smith
Former news correspondent for BBC and GMTV, main presenter of Channel Four News in the UK

Cathy Smith is a former Brussels-based news correspondent for both the BBC and GMTV and was a main presenter of Channel Four News in the UK. She also presented European Journal, a weekly current affairs programme on DeutscheWelle TV. Cathy is an experienced event moderator; clients include Eu- ropean Commission, European Investment Bank, ICC, European Committee of the Regions, WWF, Eurocontrol.




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  • 11.00Registration
    From 11.30 finger food
  • 12.30Summit opening
    by Dr. Mathias Hain
    and moderator Cathy Smith
  • 12.45Housing in Europe: From HafenCity
    and other large scale city developments to the 2018 French Finance Law

    by Rt Hon Lord Andrew Adonis PC
  • 13.30Fundamentally altering a finance strategy in order to realize exceptional growth
    by Markus Terboven, CFO, Gewobag Wohnungsbau-Aktiengesellschaft Berlin, 60,500 dwellings
  • 30′ Break
  • 14.45Facing growth challenges in Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
    by Ber Bosveld, CFO, Woningstichting Ymere, 80,000 dwellings
  • 15.30Consolidation in the UK – Clarion’s strategic approach towards efficiency
    by Ruth Cooke, CEO, Clarion Housing Group, 125,000 dwellings
  • 30′ Break
  • 16.45The impact of “Housing First” in relation to strategy, finance and growth of the Finnish Y-Foundation
    by Juha Kaakinen, CEO, Y-Foundation, 16.500 dwellings
  • 17.30Being human in a digital age
    by author and speaker Tim Leberecht
  • 60′ Break
  • 19.30Aperitif
  • 20.30Joint Dinner “4 countries, 4 wines”


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The EFL Expertise Strategy, Finance & Growth Summit is geared towards c-level-management of European social and affordable housing providers.

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