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EFL Expertise is dedicated to providing management consulting services to housing associations and other real estate businesses in Europe.

EFL Expertise serves as a platform for consulting companies that responds to the needs and challenges of housing companies, real estate businesses and governmental structures across Europe. The added value of the company lies in exploiting the unique market advantages between individual countries and its actors in the housing business. Essentially, EFL Expertise makes use of these competitive advantages in a cost effective way. EFL Expertise understands the European market and offers exclusively acknowledged international know-how. Its large network offers practical opportunities for cooperation on distinctive services.

Sometimes an answer to your questions or the new business model you are looking for is hidden just behind the boarders of your national market. For our international clients who are interested in European exchange of best practices with common real estate companies, we offer an efficient project management organization and expertise. Our experienced project managers speak several European languages and will manage your project collaboration in a most sovereign way.

Our Expertise – your gain

  • Responding to needs of the housing industry and its stakeholders
  • Derived from a European forum
  • Making use of competitive advantages between markets
  • Offering a unique blend of expertise in the chain of housing
  • Adapting new business models cost effectively
  • Combining thorough strategic know-how
  • Fostering European cooperation and exchange of knowledge



Being one of the main pillars of real estate activities, financing can have major impacts on a company’s economic success. With more than 60 years’ experience in financing housing associations and real estate companies, we aim at providing the best overall conditions through tendering of financing needs. A thorough understanding of each and every financing request, the regional and national specifics and the borrower’s creditworthiness enables us to identify the appropriate list of possible lenders according to their strengths and products. We carry out the entire preparation, communication and documentation as well as analysis of financing offers including a risk overview.


We are specialised in the valuation of large-scale portfolios as well as individual properties. Using international and national valuation methods such as DCF, direct capitalization, comparison method, residual method or profits method, we also carry out sensitivity and risk analyses for complex development projects and portfolio valuations. On EMEA Level we have around 750 valuers in 65 countries which ensures access to comprehensive and in-depth market and transaction data for local and regional real estate markets and market sectors throughout Europe. We carry out valuations for various purposes, such as accounting, capital market transactions (IPOs, recapitalisations, bond issues etc.), acquisition and disposal, financing and internal reporting purposes. Depending on the nature of the instruction and the client’s requirements, we compile valuations in accordance with international and national valuation standards such as RICS, IFRS, TEGoVa, Mortgage Lending Value or, for example, according to §194 BauGB as for properties in Germany. The qualification of our professional team is high-level with Chartered Surveyors (MRICS / FRICS), CIS HypZert valuers, publicly appointed and sworn-in experts and IREBS real estate economists. Our valuation reports are written in English or any European language as determined by the needs of the client.

Financial Consulting

The larger an organization, the more loan agreements are in place, the more properties are encumbered and the higher the need for transparency and proactive loan and security management as a subcategory of financial management. One of our core services is analysis and (re)structuring of loan and security portfolios. This type of project can serve  a long list of aims, e. g.

  • creating transparency over financing risks, mortgage lending values, security portfolios per lender and creditworthiness
  • designing security portfolios, that match any or certain lenders’ needs thus creating maximum exploitation and best interest rates
  • identifying single properties, which suit certain financing requests better than others, or which could be released from encumbrance

Also, we can create value by preparing portfolios for first time encumbrance.

Transaction Consulting

Every real estate organization is buying or selling properties sometimes – which is possible in various ways. From regular sales activities to silent tenders of large scale portfolios, we can offer all kinds of support and service around transactions. We even provide our own data rooms. And we feel comfortable with all levels of exclusivity aiming at tailor-made support for your transaction plans.

Fund solutions

With access to a capital management company, we can provide all kinds of fund solutions to the real estate industry.

Strategy and Reorganization

Defining the long-term vision of a company and determining the path that makes this vision a reality is the key discipline of what we do. We analyze the as-is status of our clients’ operations and evaluate their strategic positioning. Then we define the desired future state and how to get there. Together with our clients we develop strategies and share expertise on how to add more value to their business operations and thereby increase the profit.

Reorganization is one of our core expertise. EFL Expertise advises housing companies experiencing strategic, operational or financial challenges. We accompany our clients to a successful turnaround with the right measures to get you through the tougher times in business.

M&A and post-merger integration

At EFL Expertise, we advise European companies on strategic transformations and help our clients evolve their business by acquiring or disposing of business divisions or entire companies. We advise on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances and on implementing capital increases. We will develop transactional approaches for you and support you through the transaction.

Ensuring successful acquisitions and mergers is a key aspect in securing shareholder value. Post-merger integrations are often complex and lengthy processes which require expert advice. We helped many clients make their post-merger integration a success.

Facility Management

We have a thorough understanding of the European facility management industry. We develop custom-tailored optimization concepts for all services across the spectrum of infrastructure, technical and commercial facility management.

Any successful FM concept calls for smooth communication, economical outsourcing and precise division of responsibilities. Our aim is to sustainably streamline operations whilst meeting the needs of our clients’ employees, agents and tenants.

Energy Management

Effective energy management is ever more crucial for success in the real estate business. Rising energy costs, environmental awareness, growing connectivity and legal parameters demand efficient energy concepts.

EFL Expertise is advising real estate property companies on how to make the heating and powering of their properties economically more efficient and environmentally friendlier. We are familiar with the markets and potential partners of the whole real estate-focused energy value chain.

We outline strategic opportunities to develop energy services.


Digitization is one of the key mega trends in our society as a whole. It requires a thorough strategic positioning as it affects all aspects of the real estate value chain. Remaining competitive in an ever changing environment, attracting the brightest talent in a competitive employment market and offering clients state-of-the-art service requires digital solutions. Knowing the right ones, knowing how to implement them, market them and taking your employees on board is a critical task, which will decide the fate of many companies. We can help you steer through those waters and help you make the most of the chances digitization has to offer.


Using an extensive internal database as well as acknowledged external data suppliers, we constantly record and analyse real estate market data, socio-economic statistics and capital market information. This serves as a reliable basis for comprehensive analyses and reports. The competent results of our market intelligence team flow into all of our actions and form the essential basis of our recommendations and decisions. Continual analysis by our market research experts and market transparency achieved thereby are particularly indispensable both on location level and individual investment decisions. We can provide you with regular and up-to-date overviews of the situations in our core markets through market reports, also in niche markets such as nursing and student housing.

Urban Growth Strategies

Urban populations grow fast. This requires major efforts in housing delivery. Obstacle, besides financing, is timely availability of land. Moreover, accommodating population increases also need more and better public transportation, parks, schools, and other amenities that improve quality of living. The latter is condition for attracting international businesses: housing market and international schools are key location criteria among others. EFL Expertise can help in defining bold urban growth strategies with competencies of urban housing, planning and placemaking, urban design and arranging financing that suit residential investments.

Market Feasibility Studies

The success of development projects is often determined by the proper mix of housing tenures (social, midrent and owner-occupancy) and building types (single family, detached, apartments) in combination with a high quality living environment: public space, green and other amenities. EFL Expertise works with its partners with access to multiple and detailed sources of quantitative and qualitative data. Moreover, we provide our clients with the latest trends in urban living across Europe.

Building Partnerships

Brownfield developments are more complex than greenfields due to time-consuming rezoning procedures, commitment building processes among local residents and higher cost for land (location, accessibility, remediation). Successful regeneration projects, often with high degree of mixed use, rely on public-private partnerships requiring proper management of mutual expectations. EFL Expertise knows how to develop and sustain public private partnerships, not only in structuring the legal entity of partnership, but also in addressing public/private financing, stakeholders and governance issues.

Urban Design

Urban design is key in the satisfaction rating of tenants. In high density metropolitan areas human size is gaining importance: this results in amenities on ground floors (or rooftops). In summary, preferences of individual tenants are key in urban design. In already high density urban areas, this is a challenge. Among its partners, EFL Expertise has award winning urban design and architecture firms that understand today’s urban challenges and are aware that design and architecture are part of comprehensive approach.

Community Building

Many metropolitan areas still deal with monotonous large scale residential areas often home of households with limited economic outlooks. As a consequence, social problems do accumulate: overburdened rents and no access to improve individual situations. Housing associations acknowledge this challenge. EFL Expertise works with housing associations across Europe to identify feasible ways to redevelop properties and simultaneously introduce tool kits to empower individual households. We implement best practices for improving communities and social living.

Building Awareness

Digital technologies have entered daily working routines in the housing industry. It’s importance in overall business performance and tenant satisfaction will only grow. Challenges and solutions in digitization work across Europe. And although its strategy can be delegated to a dedicated officer, digitization is part of all aspects of business operations. EFL Expertise can build in-company awareness for digitization by involving all key persons for improving business in delivering great housing services.

Business Performance

Business performance can be measured with hard and soft indicators: financial kpi’s and social impact measurements. These scores are the outcome of several internal processes. Digitization can become more instrumental in accomplishing business goals. EFL Expertise has thorough knowledge of internal business processes and can support housing companies in identifying where digital technologies can add value.

Tenant Satisfaction

Tenant satisfaction has become a key performance indicator. Digitization provides a housing company with the opportunity to approach its tenants individually; not only for the annual survey, also in follow up communication in serving individual tenant needs. With data gathering, also direct relationship with service level can be established. EFL Expertise can help housing companies in designing the basic infrastructure for digitized tenant satisfaction strategies and designing and providing tenant services.


Business processes as such of housing companies across Europe are more or less similar. Business culture may be different. However, strategy and implementation of digitization will have to be anchored in every individual housing company. EFL Expertise can provide housing companies with individual roadmaps in designing an applying digital technologies. Part of this can be benchmark studies on best practice from others across Europe.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

References and prospective projects

Please find below a selection of testimonials, references and prospectice projects.

Gewobag Wohnungsbau-Aktiengesellschaft Berlin

Berlin, Germany

55,000 Residential Units

Category: Strategy

Task: Benchmark analysis of daily maintenance policies and cost levels with Dutch project partner

Project partners from:

Woningstichting Eigen Haard

Amsterdam, Netherlands

55,000 Residential Units

Category: Finance

Task: Identifying German lenders for financing of Dutch free market stock: market analysis, preparation and execution of financing tender.

Project partners from:


Copenhagen, Denmark

10,000 Residential Units

Category: Strategy

Task: Discussion and comparison of general level of digitization, tenant related processes and strategic implications on executive level

Project partners from:

deltaWonen Zwolle

Overijssel, Netherlands

15,000 Residential Units

Category: Strategy

Task: Benchmark analysis of daily maintenance policies and cost levels with German project partner

Project partners from:


Bamberg, Germany

5,500 Residential Units

Category: Strategy

Task: Discussion and comparison of general level of digitization, tenant related processes and strategic implications on executive level

Project partners from:

Berliner Bau- und Wohnungsgenossenschaft von 1892 eG

Berlin, Germany

6,700 Residential Units

Category: Strategy

Task: Discussion and comparison of general level of digitization, tenant related processes and strategic implications on executive level

Project partners from:



Compare and contrast

Housing providers from various countries compare and contrast their level of maturity in terms of digitization.

Commitments from:

Master Class

Urban Development

Master Class

Join our master class on urban development in European metropolitan areas chaired by professional developers.

Commitments from:

Social Impact

Social Impact Investing

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study among European social and affordable housing providers for creating and implementing a social impact investment label.

Commitments from:

What our customers say

“An effective and universal financial KPI-tool will help to both standardize financial reporting across Europe and, through effective comparatives, better enable the sharing of best practice, ultimately optimizing efficiency and our ability to deliver new homes and great service. The director-team of EFL Expertise supported development of a such tool within the EFL Topic Group “Finance & Investment”.”

Paul Rickard

Group Director of Finance and Resources
One Housing Group

„Since its establishment in 2008, EFL Expertise is a constant companion and expert adviser to the EFL network and its members. We look back on a successful long-term business cooperation and numerous projects with European housing companies. EFL Expertise’s real estate competence and strategic approaches are a valuable asset for our members and network partners.”

Joost Nieuwenhuijzen

Managing Director
European Federation for Living

„We assigned a daily maintenance benchmark study to EFL Expertise. deltaWonen was compared to Berlin-based Gewobag. We exchanged the results of the analysis and visited each other’s housing companies for field visits and in-depth conversations. For my staff a valuable experience with tangible results”

Evert Leideman

deltaWonen Zwolle

About us

EFL Expertise is owned by an European forum and commercial businesses, sharing the same approach of growth and development by  exchange of knowledge and learning from thinking outside the box. Together and through their members and associates, the European Federation for Living is constantly seeking for improving the housing industry’s overall situation enabled by exchange among housing associations as a peer group and between housing associations and service providers. Below you will find an overview of EFL’s associated members, who dedicated themselves to contribute also to EFL Expertise.

The European Federation for Living (EFL) is a European forum that works in the interest of members to add value to their business and to build sustainable neighborhoods. EFL’s vision is for its unique make up of members to be at the forefront of economical and sustainable housing community development in Europe, through quicker and better access to research, innovation and funding than by any other route.

EFL is results driven. The members are committed to work together to create concrete results – tangible, worthwhile projects. In doing this we will collectively develop tools and services and co-operate in EU funded programs. The members and associates are the key actors of EFL.

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EFL Expertise is present at several events connected to housing associations and other real estate conferences in Europe.


We are looking forward to hearing about your current situation and are convinced, that we will find the right approach.

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